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New Arrivals  


DR405 OT / PT






JJ 5881
JJ 5881

TT-Chassis 021
TT-Chassis #021 Mesa Style

Jensen P10R Fender
Jensen P10R Fender

New Low-Projects


Wild13: A Tiny-Terror Clone
HotLukas: A hod roded Hot-Box

Some needful things for socket mounting  

New Kits: Patch-Boxes serial and parallel


Many new types of tolex in stock now...

  • TT Blond (Preis-HIT!)
  • Black Comet (Bogner)
  • Butterfly
  • Red Snake
  • Zebra
  • Teal
  • Gold

Tube-Town Laser-Shop - We make YOUR Faceplate


Tube-Town is your official WGS-Dealer for Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland

... more than 1000 speakers in stock
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