ToneHound (engl)

The TT ToneHound is designed as a powerful universal solution for (home) recording and includes both, a reactive load and a speaker simulation. The Tonehound is connected to the tube amplifier instead of a loudspeaker cab and connected via the built-in cab-sim with the audio interface or the recording station.

ToneHound Light

If you are looking only for a reactive load and do not want to use the integrated cab-sim of the ToneHound or want to use an external speaker simulation the ToneHound Light is the solution. The ToneHound Light is available in different configurations to fit the most requested needs. It can handle either 50 or 100 watts and has an impedance of either 8 or 16 ohms, depending on the chosen version.

You can get all ToundHounds as kit in our online-shop.

ToneHound Inside