TT AC18 (engl)

Attention: hot and creamy! Pentode sound often gets described as smoother in comparison with the typical triode sound, which can be proven in practice.


The TT-AC18 is basically a "hot-rod" version of the AC30 / EF86 channel and covers an extremely wide range of sounds, but is held very simple - almost puristic.

The "Tone" switch directly after the EF86 pentode input stage should come to attention first. This circuit concept is known primarily from Orange amplifiers or some rarer versions of the AC15, but it also makes sense in this amplifier and greatly expands the available sound possibilities. With the four available settings it allows you to find the best tone for your guitar and your personal preferences. The TT AC18 can go from creamy full bodied tones to aggressive overdrive, depending on the chosen settings.

The second noteworthy feature is the additional master volume after the phase inverter, which allows you neighbor-friendly volumes, even if the preamp gets fully over-driven.

The amplifier is built on the Tube-Town 18W platform, which ensures a (hopefully) stress-free build and a lot of fun during the later use of the amplifier - nevertheless please pay attention to the warnings!


Schematic as PDF (2 Pages, DIN A4)

Layout as PDF (1 Page, DIN A3)

The kit is available at the  TT-Shop.

Warning !

Care is necessary during construction! Even though this is a low-watt amp, the voltages used are potentially fatal. This amp is NOT a beginner's project!
A successful build requires that you can read (and understand!) a schematic diagram, you know how to use various measuring devices, and you have some experience working with voltages over 60V.