TT Surfmate (engl)

TT SurfmateThe TT Surfmate is the consequent further development of the TT Tube Reverb pushing it closer in the direction of its big brother, the Fender Reverb Unit 6G15, with all its advantages compared to the small tube reverb:

  • use of a 6V6 tube (or 6K6 tube if available) as reverb driver
  • use of a larger reverb tank (4AB3C1B) for even more depth in the reverb
  • separated signal ground to reduce the sensitivity to parasitic noises

and still: sounds like the original

The use of a pcb allows a fault-tolerant implementation of the circuit. The chassis specially adapted for this project offers cost-effective implementation without the need for metal processing. Nevertheless, only high-quality components are used, as you can see on the project pictures, for easy building and much “surf sound” afterwards.


Schematic as PDF file (1 page, DIN A 4)

Layout as PDF (1 page, DIN A 3)


The TT-Surfmate is listed as a kit in the TT-Shop, along with other products around this amplifier.

Warning !

Care is necessary during construction! The voltages used in this amp are potentially fatal. This amp is NOT a beginner's project!
A successful build requires that you can read (and understand!) a schematic diagram, you know how to use various measuring devices, and you have some experience working with voltages over 60V.


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