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The HoneyB, as a replica of the Fender Musicmaster, is designed especially for the old-school faction among the bass players who desire a warm and full bass sound.
Originally the Fender Musicmaster bass amp was designed as a complement to the Musicmaster bass guitar and was very puristic equipped. The ambitious bass player had to settle with only one "Tone" and a “Volume” knob a few decades ago. Nowadays this is hard to imagine, so we took the liberty to change the tone control to a typical three-way tone stack. As result the versatility of this amplifier is significantly improved without leaving the puristic idea behind, as can be seen on the simplicity of the circuit.
Another deviation from the original can be found in the power section, which is operated in ultra-linear mode in the HoneyB to allow a slightly tighter response.

Another unusual feature of the HoneyB aka Musicmaster: instead of a tube based phase inverter a transformer is used for this task. A pretty interesting circuit concept, which was rarely used in the field of guitar and bass amps, mostly because of cost reasons.
Although the HoneyB is intended for bass guitar it can also convince as a guitar amplifier, which makes it a reliable and versatile device.

The output power of the HoneyB is around 10 watts, so enough for home and studio use and depending on the circumstances even for some small club gigs.


Schematic as PDF (1 page, DIN A4)

Layout as PDF (1 page, DIN A3)


As always you can get the kit of this amp in  TT-Online-Shop


Care is necessary during construction! The voltages used in this amp are potentially fatal. This amp is NOT a beginner's project!

A successful build requires that you can read (and understand!) a schematic diagram, you know how to use various measuring devices, and you have some experience working with voltages over 60V.