Banana Booster (engl)

Since the release of the VanillaOverdrive and the PepperShredder I got a lot of feedback from customers all over the world - thank you guys !

And I was often ask "Can you make a tube-booster too ?" No problem - here it is: the BananaBooster.

A very simple project which can get build on a rainy Sunday afternoon. But I most consider that I copied most of the design from an other booster ;-)

Note: the Banana Booster is now available as a "Pro" version. The Pro is build on PCB, has an additional Boost and a modified power supply. You can get it in the online-shop.


The BananaBooster is based on the design of the "Valve Caster" which is an other 12V Tube-Booster. I found it somewhere on the net and I liked the simple design. But it had some flaws and to many knobs so I reduced the design to an absolutely minimum as you can see.


If used in front of an tube-amp the Banana can be used to push the amp harder and to overdrive the input stage a little bit more or it can be used in a FX-Loop as lead-booster. The Banana itself has less overdrive but a lot of gain and works more linear but it still sounds like a real tube.


Again very simple and quick & dirty. Only a few components are needed and of course a good 12V power-supply. That's all.

Schematic as PDf


Thanks to Magnus Plaue for the Layouts