Jim (engl)

The (preliminary) last member of the LoW series is based almost entirely on the Marshall Class 5 with just slight modifications: the Jim offers a master volume.

With this small change the potential of this amplifier can be fully enjoyed even at low volume.

The rest of the amp is just like the original: a 5 Watt single-ended amplifier with a EL84 power tube and a finely tuned preamp with two 12AX7 tubes to provide a warm overdrive sound.

Since this amplifier is widespread and technical details have been discussed in detail at various places, we can save more text at this point and enjoy the practical implementation. Turn on the soldering iron!


Schematic and Layout - with Standard Board

Schaltplan and Layout - PCB Version (ab Batch 24.06.2019)

Warnings !

Caution is necessary. Even though this isn't a particularly powerful amp, it nevertheless works with voltages with are potentially lethal. This amp is NOT appropriate for beginners!
Reading and understanding schematics, use of measurement devices, and good experience with voltages over 60V are prerequisites for the successful completion of this project.

Amp Inside

The pictures are showing the TT Jim build with the standard board:

Since Batch 24.06.2019 we ship the TT Jim with its own PCB:

Jim 2019 PCB