Wild13 (engl)

The Wild13 from the LoW series is almost a direct replica of the very popular and widespread Orange Tiny Terror.

The preamp was nearly completely taken from the original and has been combined with the well known ECC99 output stage from the other LoW amps. This has the consequence that the 15W / 7W switch like in the Tiny Terror is omitted.

Both the appearance and the layout were entirely transferred to the LoW-series. As voltage supply is the proven mini PSU used which provides a very clean DC voltage and thereby guarantees very low noise.

There is not much to say about the circuit of the Wild13 or Tiny Terror, because this has already been discussed exhaustively in numerous forums on the internet.



How Does it Sound ?

The sound of the Wild13 is like the original, very thick and warm, with a strong American colouring. Ideal for styles from blues to rock music. The amp also responds very well to the volume pot of the guitar, the overall overdrive can be well influenced.

The effect of the tone control is rather small, but the sound can be altered enough for this type of amplifier. Surely one could start at this point to try to optimize the control, but then the well-known character of the amp is quickly lost and we didn't want that.

We recommend to use shielded wires in the spots noted in the layout to make sure to reduce possible noise interferences or unwanted feedback. The shielded wires can be seen in the pictures and in the layout, the shield must be connected to ground only on one side of the wire to work properly. Otherwise the structure of the amp is clear and simple, this reduces the possible sources of errors in the reproduction. All in all, an easy to build amplifier that still brings a very high fun factor with it.

Warnings !

Caution is necessary. Even though this isn't a particularly powerful amp, it nevertheless works with voltages with are potentially lethal. This amp is NOT appropriate for beginners!
Reading and understanding schematics, use of measurement devices, and good experience with voltages over 60V are prerequisites for the successful completion of this project.

Amp Inside


Wild13 Total