STOMP - Quickies

Small projects with the STOMP base board for your spare time. The build of these projects is done on the universal board for the STOMP/3 chassis


Ultra linear booster for guitar based on a classic transistor circuit. Can also be used as preamp.



The brother of the G-Force One but for bass guitar. Based upon a transistor-circuit and can also be used as a full preamp.


Picture G-Force

Pictures of a completed G-Force build in the STOMP/3 chassis. Please note position and orientation of the pcb.

Forces Aufbau


Always a useful and helpful addition is an active tone control, which can significantly expand the spectrum of the whole setup, if added between guitar and amplifiers.

ToneactiveToneactive 01

Toneactive 02


Below are a few small, well-known boosters which are all based on the same circuit. The main difference lies component values chosen.

Screaming Bird


As always, kits and matching accessories can be found in the Online Shop