With almost 50 watts from two 5881 tubes, the 5F6 plays in a different league than its little brothers 5F1 and 5E3. And just like with the comrades in this series, there are not much words about the circuit itself needed, as it has already been taken apart in numerous readings and forums.


But a few words about the chassis and the general build: the standard 5F6 chassis, which is actually used in almost all 5F6 kits, and the corresponding turret board harmonize not quite well together (at least in our opinion). The space in the housing is too small in many places and it can, if you want to build the amplifier on a turret board, lead to some dangerous short distances between some voltage-carrying components and the chassis itself. For this reason, we have slightly modified the 5F6 chassis and offer our own take of the housing. The basic position of the holes, turret boards and transformers is of course preserved, but the width has been altered around 20 mm, so all critical points could get solved. We also placed the rectifier capacitors - like in the original - under a hood on top of the chassis and not as in the kits of our competitors in the inside of the chassis. This leads also to a bit more space in the inside for easier building and wiring.
Needless to say, a ground lift is also missing, as it's simply not allowed. We have added a panel-mounted power jack with built-in fuse, as this is simply more comfortable compared to the permanently wired power cord. The hole for the PE connection has been added and corresponds in terms of position to the current requirements.

Did we forget something? Yes, the components: we have put emphasis on high-quality components which have been partially reissued, because the components available on the market could not quite convince us.

Warning !

Care is necessary during construction! Even though this is a low-watt amp, the voltages used are potentially fatal. This amp is NOT a beginner's project! A successful build requires that you can read (and understand!) a schematic diagram, you know how to use various measuring devices, and you have some experience working with voltages over 60V.

You can find the kit it the TT-Shop.

Enough text, now to the build

Version 2

Latest version of the 5F6 kit comes with an improved eyelett/pcb board for easy and secure building, onboad connections, optimized grounding, silkscreen printed component numbers and positions

Schematic as PDF (2 Pages, DIN A4)

Layout as PDF (1 Page, DIN A3)


TT 5F6 V2 TT 5F6 V2 TT 5F6 V2 TT 5F6 V2 TT 5F6 V2 TT 5F6 V2

TT 5E3

Version 1

First versionof the kit with standard turret-board, not supported anymore

Schematic as PDF (2 Seiten, DIN A4)

Layout as PDF (1 Seite, DIN A3)


TT 5F6 TT 5F6 TT 5F6 TT 5F6 TT 5F6 TT 5F6 TT 5E3