File and Artwork Requirements

Possible file formats

Please send your artwork as PDF (version 1.3 or higher). PDF files can be created either directly from the drawing program or by using a PDF printer. Such programs are usually available free of charge for all common operating systems.

JPG, BMP or similar non-vector-based formats cannot be processed. There is the possibility to convert bitmaps but the effort is high and the result is often not satisfying.


Fontcolor to use is RGB black (0,0,0) to get the best graving result. Don't use CMYK black !

IMPORTANT: Fonts must be converted into curves when creating PDF files ! Otherwise there can be problems with the display or positioning of the text.

Exportsetting Corel Draw

Exportsetting Inkscape

Exportsettings for older versions of the above programms

Example for export settings (PDF)

IMPORTANT: Bitmaps and Inkscape

If possible DO NOT use bitmaps, because this causes many problems: the PDF file could be corrupt or the quality of the finished product is bad etc.. Bitmaps should always be converted to vector graphics before they are used in the layout. There are numerous online converters which convert bitmaps (PNG, JPG etc.) to SVG. Use them, convert the Bitmap and avoid problems.

Color model

The data needs to be delivered in the RGB color model.

Attention: All colors need to be converted to the RGB color model before creating the PDF. Black in the CMYK color model is NOT identical to black in the the RGB color model. This can lead to incorrect color reproduction, for example grey shadows in the fonts on the faceplate.

RGB black: 0,0,0
RGB white: 255,255,255

Export Settings Corel Draw

Cut lines

All lines with a thickness of less than 0.15 mm will be interpreted as cut lines for the laser. The color of the line is irrelevant. For a better overview it is recommend to draw the cut lines in red (RGB: 255:0:0).

Hint 1: If there is a line with a thickness less than 0.15 mm around an object which should be engraved the object will be cut out. Make absolutely sure that objects are not additionally surrounded by thin lines.

Hint 2: Please use hair lines if you are using Corel Draw.


The maximum resolution is 500 DPI. If required a resolution of 1000 DPI is possible, but only after  consultation. It is no problem if the data is delivered with a resolution less than 500 DPI.