Reverse Faceplates

Reverse Blende

For the ProReverse Faceplates we use material which gets engraved in reverse on the back side of the panel. The engraving will be visible in the correct orientation on the front because the material is transparent.
Finally the engraving must be filled with paint. The benefit of this type of plate is that the engraving itself is better protected against scratches and hits because the engraving is on the back of the panel.

The more important advantage is that endless colorcombinations are possible. Even multicolored panels are no problem.

And here is how it is done

Reverse Blende
Reverse Blende
Reverse Blende
Reverse Blende

The customer must create and provide the artwork and data in the same way as for the standard faceplates. We will than convert the data for the further production and will deliver a face plate as shown in the picture on the right hand side.

The customers job is now to fill the engravings of the faceplate with color.

Any color you like - you choose! We recommend to use Acrylic Paint and a small brush or a small scraper.


  • Use a scraper to fill large zones.
  • Cover the plate with tape if you use more than one color.
  • A scraper can get cut out of a piece of paperboard.

To fill the engraving with color you can use a spray can as well which will leads to a very homogeneous filling. This must be done in well ventilated rooms or outside.

The result mirrors the look of the old Marshall faceplates very close. Were
they made in a similiar way?


1. Select the required size, material and color combination

Hint: Several objects can be placed on a work surface, so cost-efficient material processing is possible. Example: two plates with a size of 55 x 490 mm (front and back plate) can be placed on a work space H2 with the overall size of 150 x 600 mm and can be ordered together. The configurations and optimizations have to be present in the submitted data. 

2. Submit the order through the online shop.

3. Prepare the artwork according to our specifications and send it by e-mail.

4. That's it. The rest is our job.

Note on the data check option

With the initial order of  a new faceplate, a logo or something similar we highly recommend to choose the  optional "data check".

Here, we test the artwork for basis errors and make smaler corrections like incorrect defined cutting lines (only if this lines are colored in red), wrong font colors or an incorrect color mode. This helps to significantly reduce errors.

We do NOT check for layout errors or mistakes in the content. The customer is fully responsible for his artwork and layout.

In a repeated order the standard data check is not necessary since all data are available from the first order. Please let us know the file number which was given on the initial invoice in this case.