Shopping at Tube-Town - some common questions...

You can find technical questions and answers about tubes, tube-selektion and much more in the Info-Area !

How much is the shipping to... ?
Please see the Shipping-Charge-Table

How can I pay ?

  • SEPA Transfer / Advanced Payment
  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • iDeal (NL only)

Do you have a minimum order ?

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it ?
In the Shop. You must follow the "Password forgotten" link.

I placed an order on your website but did not receive a confirmation e-mail. How can I make sure that my order went through ?
This is probably due to an incorrect email address. In that case you will never get an confirmation eMail. Please contact us in such a case. You can use the Contact-Form.

How fast will my order be processed?
We normally ship within 24 hours (weekdays) after receipt of your order and/or payment.

I want to place an order but the shop ask me for a VAT-ID but I don't have one. What can I do ?
Nothing. If you do not have a VAT ID you must leave the field blank. That's all.

I have a VAT ID but the shopping software does not accept it. What can I do ?
Please contact us in this case by email or use the contact-form.

Do I have to pay VAT ?
If you are a not a business man living in a member country of the EU you have to pay only the price shown in the online-shop but no more VAT or anything else in your home country.
If you live outside the EU you don't have to pay the German VAT (19% at the moment) but you have to pay VAT and maybe custom inside your home country.

Just placed an order and realized that I forgot something. Is it possible to add something to an order after it has been placed?
Please be conscientious about putting together your order and consider it complete after you click on the submit button. Due to the large volume of orders we receive, the automatically processing of the orders and our fast processing time, it is not possible to add on to an order.

Do you got all items in stock ?
In general, all the items which are listed in the Online-Shop are in stock, unless otherwise noted. Should it come to an overlap and an item was sold out in the meantime, we will inform you immediately.

I need matched power tubes. How can I order them ?
If you order more than one powertube per type/manufacture we ship them matched, while not noted otherwise.

V1, Balanced and TT XT-Matching - what is it ?
You should find the answers here.

Which tubes do you recommend for my amp ?
There is no general answer for this question ! We have put together some informations to help you choosing the right tube or tube set for your needs. Please see our online Infos and Docs.

Can you provide a lower value invoice or write "gift" so that I won't have to pay as much in customs fees or value added tax in my country?
Due to regulations we are required to include a fully valued commercial invoice on all packages leaving or stock in Germany

Can you ship COD?
No, we do not ship COD (Cash on Delivery).