Jensen P10R - 8 Ohms
Jensen P10R - 8 Ohms

Jensen P10R - 8 Ohms

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This classic big bottle rectifier is the tube of choice for those famous, dual-rectifier amps. Clean and detailed while maintaining a warm and sweet tone, the 5U4GBEH offers gorgeous tube compression and articulate AC/DC conversion. The most desirable replacement ever built.

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CTS Potentiometer 1 MOhm log / Audio Push-Pull
  • Type: Panel Mount Potentiometer
  •   Push-Pull
  • Power Rating: 0,5 W
  • Voltage Rating: 750 V DC
  • Shaft: 6.35 mm, solid shaft
  • Shaft length: 15 mm
  • Drill Ø: 9,4 mm
  • Termination: Solder lugs
  • Dimension: 24 mm
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