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A few frequently asked questions...

Can I change my order or add items ?
Once the order is placed in the online shop it cannot be changed. The shipping department is designed for fast order processing and the processes are automated to handle the daily amount of orders.

Can speakers also be returned ?
Yes, in general. The right of revocation exists also for loudspeakers. But the speaker should be treated carefully, no signs of use should occur.
It can be mounted for example with speaker clamps (article number spg-kl) to prevent scratches and damages to the mounting holes or the speaker itself. The connection must not be soldered for testing. If the speaker shows signs of use or damages it will lead in every case to a loss in value.

Wholesale prices
We cannot offer special dealer prices and we do not distinguish between merchants and retail customers.

Shipping and Availability
The most actual information on availability and delivery time are listed on the product pages. This information is always kept up to date.

We cannot offer enquiries on schematics or circuit diagrams. The actual prices are listed on the product pages.

Technical Support
We do not offer technical support and assistance in troubleshooting - either by phone or via e-mail. Please contact the manufacturer or distributor directly in the case of needed support.

Items not listed in the shop
Products that are not listed in our shop are not available or in stock.
EXCEPTION: We are a Hammond distributor, we can provide all Hammond articles even if they are not listed in the shop. Please ask for price and availability together with Hammond part number.

Resistor sizes
Metal oxide film resistors rated at 1 or 2 watt are very small. The exact size is indicated on the product page. Carbon composite resistors are much larger in general. Please check the given measurements first if you think you received the wrong resistors.

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Please use the contact form below to send us your question. Please add the order number and article number to your request for product inquiries or complaints.

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