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Before you proceed... Have you checked our online resources? Many questions may get answered sufficiently in the following info pages...

Some additional requests which arise regularly...

Can I change an order already placed?
If an order has been placed in the online store changes are not possible any more. Our online store is designed for quick processing and delivery and most processes are automated as far as possible, otherwise the amount of daily orders could not get handled.

May I revoke the purchase of a speaker ?
Yes, the right of revocation also includes speakers. But speakers should be treated carefully to avoid any signs of use.

Speakers can get mounted with clamps for example (article no -> spg-kl), so the frame and the mounting holes do not get damaged or scratched. A speaker should not get soldered, since solder is not completely removable. If a speaker gets mounted without clamps and / or gets soldered this leads usually to damages or signs of use which leads to a decrease in value.

Wholesale or artist prices
We do not have special prices for professional artists or businesses. We do not distinguish between consumer or merchants. The prices listed on the product pages apply and are up to date.

Delivery time and availability
The actual delivery times and availabilities are listed on the product pages which are kept up to date.
We can NOT give a quotation based on a sent schematic.

Technical support
For safety reasons technical support or assistance for troubleshooting is not possible via e-mail or phone. The affected units can be sent to our workshop for troubleshooting and / or service.
Unlisted articles in the shop
Articles not listed in the online shop are not available and are not in our current delivery program.

Exception: As a Hammond distributor we can get any Hammond articles, also if they are not listed in the online shop. You can ask for price and availability with the exact Hammond part number via e-mail.

Still unanswered questions?
Your question could not get answered with the offered info documents / pages? Please send us your request with the contact form below. In the case of product requests or complaints please do not forget to include order no. and / or article numbers.

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