Celestion AlNiCo

Gasket for 12" speakers
  • Foam gasket
  • 4 segements = 1 Ring
  • for 12" guitar and bass speakers
  • Original Celestion
2,90 EUR

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Info: Which speaker should I buy ?

It is not easy finding the right speaker. Here's a list of some informations which are helpfull finding the right answer to this question:


Speaker Break-In Service

Speaker Break-In / Agin Service for Guitar Speakers.
Corresponds to a continuous operation of 24 hours.
Many new and unused loudspeakers sound harsh and must be used for a certain time to develop their sound. This ageing process can be accelerates with this service which "wears" different parts of the speaker, so it will sound softer and smoother, in particular the top end.

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incl. tax (DE) excl. Shipping costs
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