Celestion Bass

Celestion Bass BN12-300S - 12" / 300 W / 4 Ohm

Celestion BN12-300S

Developed using our unrivalled knowledge of Neodymium magnet structures, Orange Label drivers are highly efficient with fast response times - making them ideal for clean, snappy percussive styles, including slap bass. These efficient speakers feature enhanced mid-range punch to cut through the mix while delivering solid lows.
Equipped with lightweight Neodymium magnets, Orange Label speakers offer a super-fast response, ideal for modern styles where a clean, snappy sound is required.

Nominal diameter: 12" / 305mm
Power Rating: 300W
Sensitivity: 99dB
Frequency Range: 50-4000Hz
Voice coil diameter: 2.5" / 63.5mm
Magnet type: Neodymium
Weight: 2.0kg/4.4lb

149,00 EUR

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Celestion Bass BN12-300S - 12" / 300 W / 8 Ohm
  • Power rating: 300Wrms
  • Nominal impedance: 8Ω
  • Sensitivity: 99dB
  • Magnet type: Neodymium
149,00 EUR

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Celestion Bass PULSE 10 10" / 200 W / 8 Ohm
With its robust steel-chassis, PULSE10, provides a rock-solid bass performancewhether alone in a single speaker combo, in a 4x10 or even an 8x10 cab. Expecta tight, punchy low end with a warm mid-range that’s full of presence, bringingfocus and articulation to your playing. This heavy-duty driver truly delivers bassyou can feel as well as hear.
79,00 EUR

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Celestion Bass PULSE 12 12" / 200 W / 8 Ohm
For bass players demanding well-defined clarity and stunning articulationtogether with a rich, full tone, PULSE12 bass speakers deliver an idealcombination of responsiveness and rock solid low end. The Kevlar-loaded conepulses with up to 200 watts of raw bass power. Expect each note to deliver athick, percussive attack along with the mid-range necessary to break through inany performance situation.
89,00 EUR

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Celestion Bass PULSE 15 15" / 400 W / 8 Ohm
With a longer voice coil for increased ‘throw’ and a multi-roll surround thatprovides exceptional linearity and superb bass extension, the 400-watt PULSE 15 isimpeccably-designed sonic artillery. Featuring a Kevlar-loaded cone and rigid steelchassis designed for maximum energy transfer, this robust and reliable speaker trulyis a powerhouse of deep bass tone.
159,00 EUR

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Speaker Break-In Service

Speaker Break-In / Agin Service for Guitar Speakers.
Corresponds to a continuous operation of 24 hours.
Many new and unused loudspeakers sound harsh and must be used for a certain time to develop their sound. This ageing process can be accelerates with this service which "wears" different parts of the speaker, so it will sound softer and smoother, in particular the top end.

20,00 EUR

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