TTC Signature-Series

TTC 112/806

The TTC 806 is – quite obviously – a reproduction of the EV 806, which was designed specifically for the EV 12L loudspeaker. Although originally developed as a PA system component, the 806/12L combination with its massive punch and extremely varied sound reproduction capabilities soon captured the hearts of many guitar players.

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TTC 212 BA
The TTC 212BA was developed for customers who want to play through a 2x12” cabinet yet place a premium on compact design – and this is exactly where the TTC 212BA comes in as one of the most compact 2x12 cabinets money can buy.
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The TTC 212BritRex combines the basic character of the 212REX with all the advantages of the British Series in an attractive package that comes standard with numerous indispensable options for the gigging musician, such as a slanted baffle,  road-proof ruggedness – and, of course, stunning guitar tone and exquisite looks!
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Sweet Music.

From Jazz to Heavy Lead.
A strong low end and sweet mids are the main features of the TTC 212 Dumble which makes this cab suitable for many styles of music.
The TTC 212 Dumble is built to original specifications and sound quality is paramount importance wherefore this box is built entirely of select wood and dovetail joints for maximum stability and reliability.
The box can be used in two ways: horizontally and vertically, which makes the TTC 212 compared to other guitar boxes very universal in use.
Since the production takes place completely in our house it is also possible to build the TTC 212 Dumble with individual configuration, both in color and appearance as well as in the choice of speaker placement.

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