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Our technician would say: The circuit of the PI18 is based on Friedman’s Pink Taco, which was largely replicated and adapted to our existing 18 Watt platform. After plugging in the guitar and turning on the amplifier the guitarist would say: AWESOME!

And that’s the way it is. Not many words about this amp are needed, since there are plenty of sound examples on online platforms, which also show the versatility of this little powerhouse very well. For die-hard country, jazz or surf music fans the PI18 is certainly not the first choice, but we expect it to put a big smile on the faces of all others.

But before playing the amp needs to get build. As mentioned earlier, the basic circuit is based on the Pink Taco with a few minor adjustments and changes:

The circuit is done on a PCB/turret/eyelet combo board which combines the advantages of all three concepts. The board can either be used as an eyelet board / pcb or can get additionally equipped with turrets. The pictures below show a build in which turrets were installed.

As with a normal PCB the needed connections are made with conductive paths. For an easy stress-free build the board is provided with component labels printed and all connections are labeled according to the provided schematic.

The used fx loop is our LND150 kit, the implementation is optional. Of course other loops can be used, too. Since the setup with the LND150 kit has been tested and is proven and also the chassis is prepared with the needed mounting holes, we would recommend to use this loop.

Deviating from the original, a hi/lo input was realized and a boost, which can be switched via the push/pull “gain” potentiometer. The hi/lo input makes the amp more flexible and offers an additional gain level/style which is not given in the original.

And that’s about it. Now it’s time to heat up the soldering iron! ;-)

Layout and wiring diagram are supplied with the kit, so here is no publication. The kit itself is available together with the matching accessories in the shop as always. TT Shop

And here some pictures of the amp inside: