Mojotone Anthem 12" / 50 W / 8 Ohm
Mojotone Anthem 12" / 50 W / 8 Ohm

Mojotone Anthem 12" / 50 W / 8 Ohm

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Mojotone Anthem 10" / 35 W / 8 Ohm
A huge part of being a musician is being intentional about your work. This concept can apply to sound, songwriting, aesthetic, and even gear selection; which goes hand-in-hand with the philosophy behind our Anthem Series Speakers. Each speaker in our Anthem Series was purpose-built to optimize their overall power and functionality without compromising their finely-tuned classic American-voiced tone.
After hundreds of hours of research, parts selection, and testing, we’re confident we have outfitted each of these speaker baskets with their perfect paper, voice coil, and magnet counterparts. Straight-seamed ribbed cones, were chosen for their superior performance andunmatched tone, and top-shelf voice coils and magnets have been carefully paired to each of their respective speaker cone sizes.
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