Passive Cab/Speaker-Simulation mit DI Funktion für Recording


 Passive cab / speaker simulation with DI function for recording




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Your customer Jeff from the UK has build a Cab-Sim with a load to use with a small 5 Watt Amp:


Just to let you know I love the cab sim and the sound is brilliant for playing with headphones. I found I had just enough space to fit a two 25Watt 16R load resistors in parallel and by swapping the headphone out to a 3.5mm socket on the side I could fit a switch to allow the "normal" speaker parallel out or route to the load resistors which means I don't have to keep unplugging cables I also wired in a failsafe so that if the parallel out lead is not connected, the output routes to the load resistors just in case.
I'm using it with a 5 watt Laney Lionheart so there's no heat issues.